Rosemary Mathis


After graduating from junior college with an AA degree in 1966, I worked as a clerk in the X-ray Dept of Dekalb General Hospital for 13 months, before taking a job with Southern Bell as a Service Rep. In 1969, I entered GA State College as a Junior with the goal of completing my degree.   Apparently, that was not meant to be, which brings me to my career.


In January 1970, I married J. Alan Mathis and, within 4 months, became a military wife and mother. During Alan’s 23+ years in the Army, we moved so many times. We were assigned to: Ft. Bliss, TX three times; two tours in Germany which involved moves to two different bases each; two assignments to the West Coast; two more in the Southeast. My career was as a homemaker which is the best description there is for my position. My husband worked long hours & longer weeks than civilians could comprehend back then. I created a real home for him, our 4 children and myself. A home where we could relax, enjoy each other and grow together. A home in which-and from which-our children could grow into the responsible, caring, productive adults and parents they have become.

After our children were in school full-time, I did go back into the work force for a few years. I worked two years for a national research company: the first few months as a researcher and the last year and a half as the administrative assistant to the manager of the research dept. I resigned from that job when we made our final Army move across country. Once established in our new neighborhood, I obtained a position as the administrative assistant to the purchasing manager of a national company. I remained in that job until my husband retired from the Army and we moved again.